Whole Brain Learning

Our Mission Is To Help 1 Million People Future Proof Their Livelihoods

Whole Brain Learning was founded in 2016 on a simple vision. To give you automation proof, lifelong learning skills, using accelerated learning techniques. We are a team of learning and development professionals passionate about insuring your livelihood from automation and artificial intelligence. 

Here’s How We Help …

Individuals & Parents

Become a Certified Coach And Change Lives

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Schools & Colleges

Accelerate Learning And Leave No Student Behind

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Teams & Leaders

Grow Your People To Grow Your Business!

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We Are Powered By Our Values

Our Values are how we act. We work, recruit and live by the following to make this a reality. 


To Keep You Ahead In A Knowledge Economy

The Accelerated Whole Brain Learning process is endorsed by UNESCO, to resolve issues in global learning.

This means, whatever course you take with us, should give you a staggering 80-90% retention of knowledge. Also you’ll learn in half the time. You no longer have to put up with outdated teaching methods, which at best only offer a meagre 20% retention.

We live in a world where robotisation threatens our careers. More than at any time in our history, has it been so essential, to continually train in skills, to keep ahead in this knowledge economy.