Relationship Coaching: How To Be A Relationship Coach & Mentor (Only £18 Per Week For 30 Weeks)

£18.00 / week for 30 weeks

Nurture Lasting Relationships

“96% of organisations surveyed regard coaching as truly effective in promoting relationships & learning” CIPD

Ideal for anyone who wants to have more harmonious relationships and to also go further and coach others.

In an increasingly pressurised world, transform your connection with others and harness success. You will get the skills to help people achieve their goals and enjoy fantastic relationships.

35 guided learning hours, by an ex-blue chip director with 25 years’ experience in coaching.

– Dramatically develop relationships for yourself and others
– Empower others by building confidence & motivation
– Discover new skills through coaching yourself and others
– Become sought out as a person of empathy
– Establish lasting Coach/Client Relationships
– Create nurturing and succesful boundaries