Personal Performance Coaching: How To Become A Life Coach (Only £18 Per Week For 30 Weeks)

£18.00 / week for 30 weeks

Radically Boost Peoples Performance

“92% of HR professionals agree coaching has a positive impact on peoples performance and the bottom line” CIPD

Ideal for anyone who wants to become a Life Coach. Learn how to dramatically improve performance.

Get the life skills for exceptional personal growth and the techniques to coach others in personal performance. If you’re looking for a great foundation in coaching, this is definitely for you.

35 guided learning hours, by an ex-blue chip director with 25 years’ experience in coaching.

– Empower others by building confidence & motivation
– Guarantee success by harnessing the power of the 10 skills of success
– Boost performance in all areas of your life
– Discover tools to coach yourself and others to boost performance
– Turn newly acquired knowledge into experience