Purposeful Leadership: How to Think Like A Leader (Only £18 Per Week For 30 Weeks)

£18.00 / week for 30 weeks

Model The Minds Of Great Leaders

“Only 6% of organizations believe their leadership is “ready” exposing a staggering capability gap.” Deloitte

Ideal for new & existing managers or anyone in their first leadership or development role. This course enables you to learn the behaviours and mental traits common to leaders across the globe. Based on years of study, experience practical techniques to make you a motivated trailblazers.

35 guided learning hours, by ex-blue chip director with 25 years’ experience in leading teams.

The secret common to great leaders is simple … they think & act in similar ways. This course gives you vital skills to allow you to:

– Cultivate behaviours of great achievers
– Create vision and utilise the secret to any strategy
– Employ the tools to easily manage difficult people
– Drive change with key decision making tools