Accelerated Learning: How To Learn In Half The Time & Retain 90% (Only £18 Per Week For 30 Weeks)

£18.00 / week for 30 weeks

Pass any exam and gain the skills for life long learning

“Accelerated learning produces 300% improvement in learning.”
Iowa University.

Ideal for anyone who needs to pass any exam or rapidly study any subject. Learn in half the time and retain 90% of knowledge. Watch your performance sky rocket as you take charge of your own learning and direction.

Learn how to learn with a 6 stage process. 35 guided learning hours, taught by by ex-blue chip director with 25 years’ practice in accelerated learning.

Take charge of your future:

– Retain 90% of knowledge instead of the average 5%
– Pass exams with ease
– Learn in half the time
– Identify your preferred learning style and learn in ways best suited to you
– Acquire the skills for lifelong learning essential in a learning economy
– Eliminate self-limiting beliefs
– Boost your confidence & motivation
– Engage processes to learn any subject
– Radically improve ability and memory
– Turn learning into experience
– Learn to power and speed read
– Become a memory master with the 18 memory tools
– Discover great performance tools like VAPPING
– Learn mind mapping, follow thought patterns & visually organise information
– Ideal for anyone learning or studying for exams