Grow Your People to Grow Your Business!

Soft skills are the hardest! We will help you to…

Fill the leadership gap

Safeguard and future proof your organisations direction and grow your business.

“62 percent of top-performing companies say the most important factor to improve agility is the right leadership team.”


Nurture existing talent

Ensure their survival skills are up to date in a rapidly changing market

“The organizational costs of employee turnover are range between 100% and 300% of the replaced employee’s salary.”

SHRM: Society for Human Resource Management

Attract new talent

With dynamic on-boarding so they stay in job and don’t leave in 3 months

“One of HR’s biggest challenges is to create a corporate culture that attracts and retains the best employees”

SHRM: Future HR Talent Challenges

Boost performance

Overcome the cost of weak employees through skills development

“Departments with low performance significantly impact ROI; Increase costs (25%); Lose sales (25%); Show poor service (25%)

Juran Institute

Introducing Whole Brain Skills Academy

A training department in a box, designed to take away the headache of rapid upskilling, so you can focus on what you do best, running your organisation.

Best of all, you’ll start seeing results in behavioural change, in less than 90 days in areas such as:

Hardwiring performance skills to grow your business in leadership, teams, & on-boarding

In a rapidly changing world it’s the soft skills that are the hardest to acquire. Changing and developing the right behaviours, with approved qualifications is key to organisational survival

“77% of employers think soft skills are as important as hard skills,” HBR

Reversing the 80/20 rule of underperforming employees whatever their skill level

The major reason learners fail is that we all learn differently and their learning style isn’t being catered for. We incorporate this key technique which assures the success of most programmes

“Accelerated learning produces 300% improvement in learning.” Iowa University

Developing your people in half the time using whole brain learning techniques

There’s a trade-off between training and being on the job. Using accelerated learning and our ELearning platform, critical business skills can be acquired anytime, anywhere, 365 days a year, 24/7 limiting time away from their jobs.

“Training helps workers become efficient, it actually saves in the long run … Over (51%) of employers believe improving skills increases retention” AAT

Significantly reducing waste in training budgets and ensure that learning sticks

70% of traditional training wastes money. We overturn this by embedding the revolutionary process of accelerated learning into all of our skills programmes. This gives a 90% retention rate over a 10% using outdated methods.

“The average retention of learning, range from 10-30%. U.S. organizations spend annually $176 billion on training. Which means $125 billion was wasted.” Prof Holton Louisiana University

Expect the unexpected

All our courses are rooted to accelerated learning, meaning they are designed to be fun, dynamic, inclusive and interactive.
They’re courses you will love which is why we can guarantee these outcomes if you’re a:

Business Owner

Find the time and gain skills to concentrate on actualising your vision, working “on” and not “in” the business

Director or Department Head

Gain the strategic focus, depth and oversight you need to develop various levels of responsibility

Line Manager or Team Leader

Become an expert manager, gain promotion, hire, inspire and retain those you lead to thrive in your career

Employee or Apprentice

Make yourself job ready and flourish in your role, making you indispensable in all your future employment

Channel Partner

As a partner or contractor get trained and certified; with roll out and access done quickly with ease and professionalism

Compliance Staff

Acquire compliance training faster, enjoy automated re-certifications and get the reporting you need

Core Features

The Whole Brain Academy truly is a training department in a box.  You can look forward to the following;

Access to critical skills on demand

Set up in minutes, enjoy your own online training platform with specific course libraries, Kirkpatrick evaluation & management dashboard

“Lack of skills is the number 1 reason for business failure.” Department of BIS

Mentoring from blue chip thought leaders

Knowledge is not a commodity. All our courses are provided by established thought leaders so learners receive key up to the minute skills

“The most important factor in student learning is the teacher” Dr Sanders University of Tennessee

A complete blended bespoke service

Organisations, like people, aren’t the same. We offer a tailored, blended service to help achieve your goals. From course creation to consultancy

“Feeling unique is no indication of uniqueness.” Douglas Coupland

Internationally recognised qualifications

We are accredited through The Institute of Leadership & Management, offering certificates and diplomas from Level 2 – 5

“93% of employers, surveyed, see increases in their peoples’ capability after certification” ILM

User Experience

Log In

Log in to our dedicated portal using the credentials you have received via email or from your line manager


All of your available courses are displayed on your personal dashboard. Click on a course to see your progress so far and any deadline that there may be on the course. Click ‘Go to course’ to enter the course information page

Start your training

Click on ‘Start this course within the course information page to begin the course. Our system will automatically guide you through the entire course but you can click ‘exit’ at any time to go back to the course information page. Your progress will be tracked by the system

What’s available in your library



    Imagination– Create a vision and the vehicle to take you there
    No Self-Limiting Beliefs – Break the shackles holding you back
    Desire – Discipline, Dedication, Decisions & Desire
    Image – Create your personal your brand
    Sense of Urgency – Master time, planning and prioritisation
    Peak Performance – Triumph, Purpose, Passion, Performance
    Education – Speed reading, Power reading & Mind Mapping
    Negotiation – Create a Win Win in all your dealings
    Success – Deploy the Wheel of a Balanced Life
    Attitude – How to harness the power of the mind
    Brain Power – Utilise right & left brain thinking
    Leadership – Develop 7 key leadership behaviours
    Excellent Communication – Master listening skills

  • Accelerated Learning

    Module 1: Ground
    Dynamically prepare your mind for learning
    Module 2: Engage
    Use your senses, power read, scan & question
    Module 3: Nurture
    Find your learning style with the 7 intelligences
    Module 4: Improve
    Sharpen your memory & remember the facts
    Module 5: Unearth
    Show you know using fun to assess knowledge
    Module 6: Self-Reflection
    Retain 95% knowledge by transferring it to the long-term memory with alpha theta meditation
    Module 7: Bonus – Passing Exams
    How to pass ANY exam & study correctly
    Module 8: Accelerated Learning Psychology
    Harness the power of the right and left brain

  • Accelerated Training

    Module 1: Accelerated Learning Psychology
    Harness the power of the right and left brain
    Module 2: Cutting
    Break through self-limiting beliefs
    Module 3: Creating
    Fashion an Accelerated Learning Environment
    Module 4: Conceiving
    How to vision with the Big Picture
    Module 5: Cultivating
    How to bond with Connecting
    Module 6: Collaborating
    Form lasting relationships with Team Tasks
    Module 7: Conveying
    How to reveal knowledge with The Lesson
    Module 8: Concentrating
    Demonstrate knowledge with Show You Know
    Module 9: Changing
    Embed knowledge with the Review Concert
    Module 10: Concluding
    Nurture ongoing motivation with the Close


  • How to Interact with Others
    Deploy 6 ways to communicate
  • The 18 Principles Of Coaching
    How to master the art of leadership & coaching
  • Foster Trust Through Positive Listening
    Empathise with the 10 rules of the white magic
  • Eliminate Corrosive Communication
    Avoid the destructive habits of negative listening
  • How To Satisfy The Five Essential Needs
    Uncover the secrets of Maslow’s five levels
  • The Grow Model – The Central Coaching Tool
    Harness the 4 stages of lasting change
  • The Coaching Contract
    Establish coaching boundaries
  • How To Build Relationships
    Develop Rapport With The 5 Needs
  • Cultivate Peak Performance
    Employ the 10 Causes of Success
  • How To Get The Best From Others
    Unlock The Four Personality Styles
  • Foster A Work/ Life Balance
    Utilize The 12 Spokes of The Wheel of Life
  • Conquer Decision Making
    Practice the Law of 20 for evolving decisions
  • How To Create A New Self-Concept
    Free yourself from self-limiting beliefs
  • How To Build Your Self- Ideal
    Uncover the 3 measures of your authentic self
  • How To Build Your Self- Image
    Program your ideal future and live your dream
  • How To Build Your Self- Esteem
    Unleash your potential with the 8 steps

Individual Plan


Per Month
  • For 1 User
  • Access To All New Content
  • Enrol Yearly Get 2 Months Free



Per Month (18 months)
  • 5 Managers And 20 Users
  • Call For Customisation And Quote
  • Enrol Yearly Get 2 Months Free

Looking for something else?

No two organisations are the same and one-size training doesn’t fit all. With this in mind we offer a completely tailored service to help you achieve your goals.

Our ground breaking blended learning solutions will ensure success in your training. We can rapidly deploy any initiative to match your budges, using multiple delivery methods such as:

Innovative live face to face to face workshops and large scale events
Our pioneering whole brain on-line training platform
Geoloction offering specific, automated yet tailored online training across multiple locations, focused on different learner groups
One to one coaching & Mentoring
CPD & work shadowing
Consultancy and training needs analysis
E-Learning and workshop course production
Integrating talent management, HR and training systems