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Do you lose sleep trying to figure out some of the big questions in education?

Sound familiar?!

How do I find and keep the best faculty to stop the brain drain from my institution?
“27% academics left the sector and half will leave in 5 years” The Guardian

Why are some of my students simply being left behind?
“38% of those trained in a classroom are excluded” Diablo Pedagogy Survey

How can I avoid claw backs from drop out & low pass rates?
“The dropout in FE is 28% and in HE 1/5th” Education Statistics Agency


Even worse!

Will weak skills in staff & students damage my institution?
“Graduates, apprentices and school leavers aren’t job ready.” Department BIS

Will technology & competency-based education strain staff?
“Use of learning technology to increase from 10% – 50%” FELTAG

Am I heading towards a leadership crunch as faculty lack management skills?
“5,000 principals provide inadequate leadership.” FELTAG & OFSTED

Don’t worry! There is another way…

See why UNESCO advocates accelerated whole brain learning to resolve issues in global education

It’s not just about developing skills it’s absolutely critical to know HOW to develop them

The 4 lies about education: believe them at your own risk!”

Check out how we smash through flawed practices to quicken performance and overturn outdated teaching, learning and leadership.

At the heart of our approach is 18 years experience in Whole Brain Accelerated Learning. An essential process, embedded in all of our courses, and, designed to beat the causes that kill your student’s future chances of success.

Learning never exhausts the mindLeonardo da Vinci

Cultivate your legacy!

We are here to help you…

  • Attract and keep inspiring teachers & lecturers
  • Increase examination pass rates and reduce dropouts
  • Bridge the gap from campus to corporate so students are INDISPENSABLE
  • Ensure students and staff turn learning into experience
  • Overcome new measures from FELTAG and OFSTED
  • Accelerate learning to empower students
  • Become a Centre for Excellence
  • Earn increased revenue by filling seats and pioneering with a dramatic USP
  • Sustain dynamic partnerships with the business world
  • Boost performance by making your staff leaders

Designed to accelerate performance, we have off the shelf and bespoke solutions, including …


Accelerate students' learning & faculty's teaching methods to hit 90% knowledge retention

Whole Brain Learning

A revolution in transforming teaching & learning


Increase performance, reduce training budgets and stop the brain drain from your institution

Performance Coaching

The fastest method of boosting performance


Overcome a potential leadership crisis to achieve inspirational and innovative governance

Evolutionary Leadership

The key to finding and keeping critical talent

Who will benefit?


If you’re studying we will equip you with skills for lifelong learning to get the right qualification. We live in a knowledge economy, your future depends on transferable talents


If you’re a trainee or apprentice we will prepare you with critical skills to be  indispensable to your employer and the techniques to find and get your dream job or placement 


If you are a member of faculty we will give you pioneering  skills to radically transform classroom performance, boost pass rates, save you time and enhance your career


Whether you are a new or existing manager we will develop your abilities to find, motivate and keep key talent. Even more we will equip you with key skills for ongoing promotion


If you are a principal, governor or department head we will coach you in the behaviours and leadership skills essential to propelling your institutions performance

What our community have to say

  • Steve Rotherham
    Member of Parliament, said

    “The courses are thorough and extremely well delivered. I have no hesitation in recommending the series of strategic leadership and educational development programmes to any Public Sector or commercial Organisation.”

  • Professor Os Jones
    CEO University of Liverpool Management School, said

    “I have worked with them on the NWDA LEAD programme and it is clear that they know how to dramatically transform faculty, students, lecturers, business owners & managers effectively.”

  • Shaun McInerney, 
    Principal, Studio School, said

    “We are committed to supporting students make the best of themselves. Training teachers to become accredited coaches provides deep support. Self aware staff model excellent relationships, essential to improve achievement.”

  • Stan Pochron,
    CEO,  Merseyside Learning Providers Federation, said

    “In my opinion, this programme for delivering excellence in all aspects of education in schools is a major step forward, and I recommend all training and further education providers explore the merits also.”

Why not try some of our off the shelf online courses?

It’s time to engage your right and left brain & get access to our essential education library

Experience first-hand some of the world’s fastest, most reliable whole brain courses. As well as our bespoke blended programmes, we have a range of on-line off the shelf courses, designed to rapidly transform your institution. This is a sample, we’re adding new ones monthly! Our aim, to provide your with up to the minute performance courses to help you thrive.

I want to accelerate my students’ learning & faculty’s teaching methods to hit 90% knowledge retention
I want to rapidly increase performance, reduce my training budget & stop the brain drain from my institution
I want to overcome a potential leadership crisis to achieve innovative and inspirational governance

Learning Library

Accelerated Learning

Reduce poor exam results and empower students

“Accelerated learning produces 300% improvement in learning.”
Iowa University.

Inspire learners with a 6 stage process, to retain 90% of knowledge and the ability to study in half the time. Watch performance sky rocket in your institution as students take charge of their own learning and direction.

35 guided learning hours, by ex-blue chip director John Haynes with 25 years’ practice in accelerated learning.

Accelerated Training

Turn unmotivated faculty into whole brain educators

“38% of those taught don’t receive the required understanding”
Diablo University.

Equip and motivate teachers with a 9 stage process engaging all learning styles.  Overturn outdated teaching with skills utilised by the best worldwide educators. Stop under-performing students being left behind. 

50 guided learning hours, by ex-blue chip director John Haynes with 25 years’ practice in accelerated learning.


Make your people job ready and boost performance

“Lack of skills is the number 1 reason for organisational failure.” 
Department BIS

Arm staff, students, apprentices and graduates with survival skills essential for any job. Open doors of opportunity, experience rapid improvement.  There’s no such thing as a bad employee or student, only bad skills.

35 guided learning hours, by ex-blue chip director John Haynes with 25 years’ experience in skills development.

Coaching Library


Dramatically reduce training costs

“96% of organisations surveyed regard coaching as truly effective in promoting learning” CIPD

In an increasingly pressurised classroom, transform faculty and student success by providing the skills to help others achieve their goals.  They will learn to put knowledge into practice to ultimately gain needed experience.

35 guided learning hours, by ex-blue chip director John Haynes with 25 years’ experience in coaching.

& Essential Coaching

Radically enhance performance  

“92% of HR professionals agree coaching has a positive impact on the bottom line” CIPD

Is the cost of weak students and faculty dragging your institution down? This programme gives you the performance modules to help your people flourish. Not only that coaching dramatically reduces your training budget.

50 guided learning hours, by ex-blue chip director John Haynes with 25 years’ experience in coaching.

Transformation, Performance
& Essential Coaching

Become a catalyst for change

“36% of HR professional accepts it’s a priority to create a culture to attract the best employees” CIPD

This is the last piece of the jigsaw. In this course your people will learn the transformation skills. As coaching finds the solution; performance integrates it; transformation takes them to their next level of development.

50 guided learning hours, by ex-blue chip director John Haynes with 25 years’ experience in coaching.

Leadership Library

Essential Leadership

Easily transform staff into leaders

“86% of companies cite leadership as one of their most important challenges.” Deloitte

Leaders aren’t’ born but created. It’s not just about finding talent but shaping it. The course is ideal for anyone who needs to recruit and build a team. It will move them up a level as they inspire and hire others.

35 guided learning hours, by ex-blue chip director John Haynes with 25 years’ experience in leading teams.

Intermediate Leadership

Model the minds of great leaders

“Only 6% of organizations believe their leadership is “ready” exposing a staggering capability gap.” Deloitte

This course enables staff to learn the behaviours and mental traits common to leaders across the globe. Based on years of study, they’ll experience practical techniques to make them motivated trailblazers.

50 guided learning hours, by ex-blue chip director John Haynes with 25 years’ experience in leading teams.

Advanced Leadership

Become a 21st century futurist

“62% of top companies state the right leadership team is essential to improve agility” Accenture 

This is for the high achievers. The programme provides vision and higher level communication skills. It’s purpose is to empower your leaders to catapult their teams towards dazzling new horizons.

50 guided learning hours, by ex-blue chip director John Haynes with 25 years’ experience in leading teams.

Cant find what you’re looking for? … No problem!

We offer bespoke blended learning

No two institutions are the same and one size training doesn’t fit all. With this in mind we offer a completely tailored service to help you achieve your goals.

Our ground breaking blended learning solutions will ensure success in your training. We can rapidly deploy any initiative to match your budges, using multiple delivery methods such as.:

  • Innovative live face to face to face workshops and large scale events
  • Geoloction offering specific, automated yet tailored online training accross multiple locations, focused on diffrnt learner groups
  • Our pioneering on-line training platform
  • One to one coaching & Mentoring
  • CPD & work shadowing
  • Consultancy and training needs analysis
  • E-Learning course production
  • Integrating talent management, HR and training systems

Your organisation is unique … as are we

We are one of the few international training companies, with 18 years experience, of embedding the revolutionary approach of accelerated whole brain learning into the heart of our of our programmes. 


How can we guarantee to save you money and time?

Would a saving 70-90% of your training budget interest you?

Did you know that traditional training has a fatal flaw? “Retention of learning rates range from 10-30%!”  U.S. organisations spent $176 billion on training last year. Which means at least $125 billion was wasted! Professor Holton, Louisiana State University

This is a statistic replicated throughout the globe. 

We completely overturn this. As accelerated whole brain learning is embedded into all of our programmes your people will learn in half the time and retain 70-90% of knowledge, as opposed to 10-30%. Partner with us and you will never fall into the training trap again.

Oh, did I mention that we are an Institute of Leadership & Management Centre

Why choose ILM?

  • – Over 90,000 students and managers annually improve their leadership globally with the ILM .
  • – By Royal Charter, they offer exceptional international qualifications.
  • – In fact 93% of employers see tangible increases in their peoples’ capability after ILM certification .
  • – 88% organisations recommend them as a key partner to work with.

We have a range of qualifications from Development Certificates, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5. Whether  you are looking for an Award, Certificate or Diploma, we have certification for all levels of staff or student.


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